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Summer boots

Posted in The Measure by guardiangirl on July 13, 2009

Summer boots with open toes and heels are on their way up, according to the Measure, so I headed to Angel at the weekend to see what was on offer. Quite a lot, was the answer. Oasis had lots of pairs of sandal-boots in jewel-coloured leather, including a pink pair reduced from £35 to £20. Didn’t seem too bad for a versatile pair of shoes that will be much more useful than spike heels for tramping around festivals in all God’s weathers. There was one snag: the ankle thing. If you’re going to make a feature of your ankles by buckling them up in pretty leather straps, they’d better stand up to the packaging. Mine don’t, really, as is illustrated by the picture below.

Summer boots

Summer boots


Wow, that came out big. I hope the photo of my own flat, rather veiny plate of meat isn’t going to be the same size:

Summer hoots

Summer hoots




  • Summer boot bargains are to be had on the high street this week
  • Here’s one item that’s actually practical for festival wear
  • Why do so many of these trends rely on having small bones, of all things? Or perhaps it’s my imagination…
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