Guardian Girl

Go your own way #2: Angel

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on July 13, 2009

I have a demonic expression in the photo below for good reason. The shawl looked ridiculous. I took it out with me in my bag that day, but there it stayed. As for the lace leggings, I’d look like Tiffany on a pie diet if I tried that. Best stick with the old faithful black pair. I needed a long shirt to cover my Lycra’d rump. Luckily my great pal Adam not only designs menswear for FARHI by Nicole Farhi but is generous as well, so I have in my possession the most brilliant long, poplin manshirt of the sort of visible quality I’d never usually shell out for, and I put this on over everything. It’s so useful it never really gets washed. This sort of garment is the best friend of the festival goer – not a lace shawl. For starters you need to be able to move to the music without looking like you’re in a shamanic dance workshop/The Crow. Plus, shawls may look chic on narrow, birdlke shoulders but I looked like I’d just got out of the bath wrapped in a towel. I suppose a good long head of hair might balance it out a bit. I’ll splash some Baby Bio on later.








  • Delicate shawls for delicate shoulders; manly shirt for manly shoulders

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