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Ginger beer scones

Posted in Recipes by guardiangirl on January 27, 2010

Thanks to the miracle of technology i write this with a hot-from-the-oven ginger scone balanced upon my knee.

Although tonight’s ingredients looked somehow sad on the supermarket conveyor belt (small packet of flour, glacé ginger, two mini cans of Schweppes suggestive of imaginary friend), the texture of this hot scone on my knee is something to be seen. It’s a hybrid of a scone, fresh bread and a crumpet. It’s a wee bit sweet for my cheese-tooth (inadvisable word combination noted) but still, it’s a proper treat on a cold Wednesday evening like this one. And you know what? I reckons it might be quite nice with a slab of mature cheddar, I does. I’m having mine plain in an uncharacteristic show of temperance but don’t worry, I’ll probably eat the whole batch. Other things to note about the scones: cheap, easy-to-find ingredients, quick to make, slightly chalky after-texture possibly due to baking powder/shivering hand combo.

I’m off to visit the oven again – sod tomorrow’s midriff shot.

Ginger scone

Ginger scone

Ginger scoff


  • Nice.
  • I don’t mean to sound arrogant but looking at the above photos I can barely believe I actually made that. It looks almost like the original, no?
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Sunday 2 August

Posted in Fashion, Recipes by guardiangirl on August 3, 2009

Another day, another episode of ritual humiliation. I’m going to keep this brief and we can move on fast. If you’re new to this blog, please scroll down to the previous post and read the disclaimer in bold.

Wat to be noticed on the beach?

Want to be noticed on the beach?


Want to be banned from the beach?

Want to be banned from the beach?

I don’t have a bloody candelabra thing so I had to use a bloody walking stick, OK? Now let’s move on.

Dinner was very nice – ginger and soy marinade. I couldn’t get duck cos J Sains had sold out. So I used chicken. I had the time to leave it in the marinade as it was Sunday, and the chicken came out of the oven moist, flavoursome, garlicky and delicious.

My only complaint is based on the day after, when I’m writing this.

The below email exchange between my colleague Cari and I illustrates the complaint better than my words alone. Some of it appears in Outlook font and I don’t know how to change it:

Guardian Girl (obviously not my real name – how portentous would that be?): 

Cari, if you eat a lot of garlic does it ever come out of your pores? I love garlic and don’t want to give it up but should my forehead really be smelling of a frenchman’s armpit the next day? I’m so ashamed.


Of all the spices, that is the one that comes out of the pores the most. If I’d had a Moaz Falafel the night before, it doesn’t matter how thoroughly I brushed my teeth or how much mouthwash I’d use, I would sit next to mum the next day and she’d tell me I reek of garlic. My own mother! But, everything tastes better with garlic. I put it in absolutely all of my food. I think it’s worth smelling a little anti-social for that heavenly taste. How do you smell your own forehead?


Phew, if it happens to you, that’s officially OK, as you’re officially one of my most glamorous friends. I smell my own forehead with my proboscis. Only kidding, I wiped the gentle sweat from my brow after my 15th cup of coffee today and then rested my head in my hand and noticed a garlic odour. Then I wiped various parts of myself with my hand and smelt it (making sure all the hot men in the office were looking first). I basically smell of the marinade I cooked my chicken in last night. This is going straight in the blog.


Ehehehe – it has to.


Alongside unforgiving photos of me in a bikini. Great.


Question 2: how on earth do you know what a proboscis is? I have to Google words that you casually drop in an email conversation at least twice a week. When you write about the side effects of the garlic chicken, can you slip in the term ‘olfactory nightmare’? I nearly pissed myself the first time you said it and I’ve strangely wanted to come across the term again.


Did I say olfactory nightmare? I know about proboscis from a kid’s book, I can’t remember which – possibly the hungry caterpillar.


Yes – when your cat peed on your jacket and you didn’t realise until you arrived at work.