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Udon noodles with walnut and miso

Posted in Recipes by guardiangirl on January 27, 2010
Udon noodles with walnut and miso

Udon noodles with walnut and miso

Worm noodles with walnut and miso

Worm noodles with walnut and miso

This meal exceeded all my expectations, it really did. Unsurprisingly I couldn’t find Kombu, dashi, miso paste or even mirin at the supermarket. I would happily support my local Asian grocer if only it were on my way home from work and open at 9pm. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where I could probably get my hands on most ingredients the world has to offer with relatively little effort so I should try harder, but try telling me that at dinnertime. Forget heart and mind: the belly rules in my household.

Udon noodles are lovely big squidgy worms – the kind of thing I like to eat – and despite flinching while pouring in a whole tablespoon of sugar at the end, I loved the taste of the sauce. Instead of miso paste I just poured in a packet of instant miso soup. The other ingredients I left out. I haven’t cooked with garlic and ginger for a while and had forgotten how splendid they taste together.

Also a bit of a revelation as far as food prep is concerned: I cut my spring onions into actual (kind of) julienne things! No idea where this sudden bolt of patience sprang from but let’s hope it sticks around for a while.


  • Top marks for this one, cheers Yotam.
  • Deep-fried aubergine is bloody lovely and heatproof tongs (thanks Ads) are good for turning the cubes over in crackling fat as if roasting chestnuts on a fire – albeit with none of the cosiness, but you take what you can get in bedsitland.

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