Guardian Girl

Military chic deficit continues

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on January 27, 2010

The elated monkey noises once filling my happy lungs have been replaced with a long, sorrowful sigh.

I am so lumpen today in my wrap dress and trainers (heels still banned due to broken foot fiasco). The dim light of the photograph below represents the death of last weekend’s bright glow. Can it be true that I miss my backcombed quiff, red eyeshadow and contemporary dancer-wannabe get-up? Yes, it can be true. Natural make-up and a centre parting continue to translate into teenage boy when I try them. Unflattering dress and flat plimsolls compound sense of gloominess.

Oh well, at least tomorrow I get to tie up my sweatshirt and reveal my bristling, wan abdomen to everyone on the 9.33 to Kentish Town West, so that’s something to feel excited about.

What really is exciting is that I’m baking ginger scones for dinner tonight. Come on, positivity!






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