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Task #3: A Chocolate Spread

Posted in Food by guardiangirl on October 29, 2009

I would’ve loved to be able to do today’s task properly, as it involved going to The Connaught for a special afternoon tea created with Valrhona. It isn’t mentioned on the hotel’s website as far as I can see but I’ll take The Independent‘s word for it.

However there were several obstacles to achieving this one.

First, I’ve run out of holiday at work so I’d only be able to go on a weekend day, which is a very tricky time to book afternoon tea at a posh London hotel at short notice. I know this from experience. Second, it would cost about £50 a person and, even if I was willing to save up that cash to spend on a eating chocolate at an exclusive location, I doubt (m)any of my friends would feel the same – particularly those with kids (apparently this is designed to be a family affair). All in all this item on the agenda didn’t seem to be aimed at me. It seemed to be aimed at wealthy parents with lots of spare time. Hmm, bells are ringing.

Not to be deterred from the challenge, though, I popped out for half a flapjack and a Chupa Chup to eat at my desk instead. It ain’t posh but it’s the best I could do under the circumstances.




Chupa Chup

Chupa Chup

Marks out of 10: 3

I did make some sort of effort here but two of the classic obstacles to success are rearing their heads once more: time and money. We can’t all afford to spend half a ton and a day’s holiday on chocolate, despite what the left-wing press might think. Photographs brought to you by Nokia today as I left my camera at home. You can’t tell, can you.




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