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Task #2: Uniqlo Heat Tech

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on October 28, 2009

Next thing on The Independent‘s agenda: thermal undergarments from Uniqlo. I was pleased these came up, what with them being fairly cheap and me having no heating. Perhaps if I change into a thermal polo and leggings combo the moment I walk through the door I might be able to get away with not turning my daze-making electric heater on all winter! Imagine the cost savings, which can all be ploughed straight back into the business.

I hobbled off after work last night (return of the stress fracture: no running for a while) and caught the bus to Oxford Street to get the thermals in. £9.99 a piece for a black polo neck and leggings, which I’m wearing today under a dress (which I daringly removed for the photo). I can report that they are soft, warm and not deadly unflattering, and that I’m throughly enjoying the Independent agenda as opposed to all that Guardian palaver.

Having a break from the cookery has already made me lose a couple of pounds in chub and save a great deal in sterling: I’ve realised that most of my money was going on ingredients. And I’m seeing a lot more of my friends already as it’s easier to fit a social life around a calendar of events  and purchases than around cooking from scratch each night. So far, so darn good.

Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson

Silly Simpleton

Silly Simpleton

I haven’t really worked out how to get the images the same size, even after many months of doing this, and for that I can only apologise and promise to do nothing to remedy the situation. I also haven’t worked out how to pout without looking, as Photographer Cari (she’s reached Capital Letter status now) put it, like a stroke victim. Mind you she seemed to think I did OK in this attempt. You should see the ones we rejected.

Marks out of 10: 7

I bought the Uniqlo stuff I was supposed to, although the article mentioned £6.99, neons and camouflage, none of which I paid any attention to – I thought it too wasteful to buy something I clearly wouldn’t wear. I also have to deduct a few points for failure to pout alluringly and failure to stand against mountainous backgrounds. What is it with The Independent and mountains anyway?

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  1. dressingmyself said, on October 28, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    I think this is a very good replica photo – after all, the same background served as a mountain yesterday.
    I’ve never been convinced about pouting alluringly – sounds like an oxymoron.

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