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Hide and seek #1

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on October 5, 2009

Saturday’s outfit was absolutely hideous in its recreated state, like Little Jimmie Crankie (sp?) all grown up. Luckily I spent most of the day dressed in leggings and a T-shirt, piled into a double bed with three friends watching White Men Can’t Jump, but I did get changed into the required outfit for dinner, which meant walking through Dalston on a Saturday night looking like this. I pretty much took it all off once I got to my friend’s house.

Two of the pals I spent much of the weekend with, Nin and Phoebe, are the lasses behind the recycled fashion label Goodone, and they re-convinced me within the space of three seconds that there was no need ever to set foot in Primark again. This is an official resolution. Anything I can possibly buy second hand I will from now on. It’s what I used to do when I worked around the corner from Beyond Retro but I sold my principles to the devil when I switched to an office near Primark. Now I’m not close to either of those places I do my shopping at the weekends anyway, so I’m rediscovering my ethics. Goodone 1, Primark nil.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek




Good work by Phoebe on the action shot though eh?


  • Some people can get away with layering a denim jacket under a mac and pairing them with bare legs, socks and flat brogues. Others can’t.
  • Think I’ll leave it at that.
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