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Get the look: Lauren Luke discovers her inner Dita von Teese

Posted in Make-up by guardiangirl on July 13, 2009

Well it’s all very well having an inner Dita von Teese, isn’t it.

This make-up look involves frosted eye primer and brow wax. I can’t help but feel that anyone who has these items in their make-up bag doesn’t need to be told how to put red lipstick and black eyeliner on. The beauty spot was a bit of a revelation though. In the past this has been strictly fancy dress territory for me but I gave it a go and drew over my natural beauty spot with an eye pencil. It actually looked kind of foxy and provides an ingenious distraction from acne, I discovered. You’d think it’d just look like too many dots on one face, but not so. Brightest star in the sky and all that.

Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese


Deep vein Thrombosis

Deep vein Thrombosis


  • Less of a conclusion, more of question raised – do people really own frosted eye primer and brow wax?
  • Beauty spots rule OK

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