Guardian Girl

Raise a glass to cocktail dresses #3

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on July 10, 2009

I don’t own a feather skirt but I did my best with what I’ve got today, and that’s what it’s all about around here.

The quiffed hairstyle doesn’t work with a short fringe so I’ve ended up resembling one of my favourite ever gals – Little My of Moominvalley. It’s always good to channel Little My because you feel feisty and tough, which mixes well with the 3 Men and a Little Lady mischievousness of a newly cut fringe. 

Where my copy really falls down today is with the high-waisted skirt, as I don’t have a matching enough one. I did some hoiking but had to reverse the process to avoid exposing my buttocks to London twice in one week. Moderation, as my mum always tells me, is the key.





I’m working on the pouting skills. And I blame Lauren Luke for the shiny face – hopefully next week’s make-up will involve powder.


  • The distance between the skirt’s waist and the blazer’s hem is the point. And I missed the point

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