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Raise a glass to cocktail dresses #1

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on July 8, 2009

The first outfit of the project was pretty easy to put together from the stuff I have in my wardrobe and, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve sprained my ankle and had to rely on a walking stick topped with a large ram’s horn to get about, I wouldn’t have looked that out of the ordinary. The clashing florals are tame for Dalston and the loopy 40s-ish hairdo is par for the course. I removed the chunky brown belt instantly because the dress has a dropped waist – and I have yet to be convinced that tucking a scarf into your belt is in any way a wise thing to do. I attracted a certain amount of interest walking down the street, which I quckly realised was down to my dress having ridden up under my bag, revealing cycling-short-length Primark magic knickers and their associated bulges to the world. My camera is out of action today so I had to take these awkward photos on my phone. Pose imitation and photography skills to improve vastly, I hope.

Raise a glass

Raise a glass

Reveal your arse

Reveal your arse


  • Mismatched prints – great. Add a rustic walking stick and the effect is entirely changed
  • Tucking scarf into belt – why? Would Isadora Duncan have wanted this?

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  1. […] that I actually captured pretty faithfully, especially one on friday involving – gasp – a scarf tucked into a belt! And I liked it! Sadly, though, there is an added level of effort involved in my copying of the […]

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