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Ten years, ten looks #6

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on October 22, 2009

A little black dress, no probs. Needless to say I put on some tights and took off the Raybans for work purposes.

The shoes were given to me by an ex’s sister in one of those brilliant “Nice shoes!” “Thanks, I never wear them, you can have them” moments, but I’ve abused them too much and the heels are now at an acute angle and are bandaged up with fraying sellotape.  Once I was toiling through Angel in them and a woman outside a cafe stared so long and hard and disgustedly at them that I was forced to wave passive-aggressively at her. Even then she didn’t notice – too engrossed in the shoes. Her boyfriend noticed though, and was tapping her manically. Anyways, you can’t even see them properly in this picture but I’ve not got much else to say today. Happy Thursday.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham looks genuinely posh


Vainglorious plebeian

Vainglorious plebeian looks genuinely sloshed


  • The caption is a little laboured today, do forgive me.
  • Good job my wonderful mother gave me some money to buy a new pair of black heels for my birthday.
  • I need to fix the hem of my dress as well.
  • And remember to buy some more cat food on the way home.
  • Oh, and loo roll.
  • (Stop! – Ed)
  • (I grew up on Trev and Simon’s Stupid book [funniest book ever, still] and Smash Hits [every time the Ed interjected I thought it was Edd the Duck speaking and wondered why they couldn’t spell his name.])
  • OK, I’m really stopping now, bye.
  • Bye.
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