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Faking it #1

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on October 6, 2009

When I open the magazine for the first time on a Saturday morning and look at the fashion, I always imagine myself going off to work in outfits that are similar in style and tone, given that I’m doing my best to copy them as closely as possible.

What I forget every time is that once you’ve changed each element of the outfit for something in your own wardrobe and put it all on your own body rather than a model’s, the final result is something utterly different.

Today’s outfit is a case in point, not least because I own no fake fur, which is the whole point of this week’s fashion story. I’m also not black and don’t have a shaved head, meaning the top eighth of the look comes out pretty different. Rather than looking like a slightly androgynous queen of decadence, I look like a rather uncertain posh girl trying to appear relaxed (plus ça change).

I love this shawl, which was a present my dad brought me back from holiday, but a scarf does a very different thing to a white shirt than a fur stole does. I need to tell my pa to take his next holiday at a mink farm so I can update my look to “androgynous decadence”.

It’s a conclusion I’ve reached many times before in this project – if you want to join in with the current trends, you need certain key pieces or the whole thing falls apart. I guess this is the problem I’ve always had with fashion. Can’t imagine going out and buying peg trousers, a black leather jacket and a fake fur coat in the interests of being modish. I’m not about to start thinking this is a bad thing, either. I did enough of that as a 12-year-old in a calf-length pleated skirt.

Faking it

Faking it

Bricking it

Bricking it


I hope I’m not being illegal by using photos from the Guardian website sometimes, for ease. I think I can be fairly sure it’s obvious where they come from.


  • Oh for a room full of fake fur coats, flattering leather garments and peg-leg trousers, but that automatically updated itself every season to contain all the most important pieces. Free. Mind you if there was such a thing, I’d donate it to someone who gave a ____ .
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