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More kids’ fashion

Posted in Fashion, Uncategorized by guardiangirl on April 29, 2010

Today I am not only dressed as a 10-year-old girl, I’m dressed as a 10-year-old girl whom Photographer Flavie actually shares a building with. I feel this adds even more weirdness to the whole occasion, but let’s laugh it off. After dark I cry the tears of a clown.

I’m wearing leggings under the dress for the office because I’m not mentally prepared for bare-leg season and, even when I am, knees will not be involved.

Did I ever mention the time I went for a walk around the Geffrye Museum grounds wearing a just-above-the-knee sundress? (Oh, do please tell us, this story sounds absolutely riveting.)

As I entered the walled herb garden, an old lady in a wheelchair turned to look at me, pointed and screeched very loudly to the group of about six pensioners she was with, “Look at ‘er, just wandering in ‘ere with ‘er knees out! It’s absolutely disgraceful!”

Various picnickers and young families turned to see what all the fuss was about and I vowed on the spot never to show my knees in public again.

But this doesn’t count as ‘in public’, which is worrying in itself but that’s a separate subject, so here’s the snap in all its accumulated wrongness.

"Not just for adults"

Not suggested for adults


  • I have the hairband on and everything, but physics decrees that head and feet don’t fit in the frame
  • I really do need new Converse: my socks actually touch the floor
  • The caption was a problem today so if you wouldn’t mind just moving on now, that would be great

Tonight my dear friend is coming over for Lepard date cake, I’m going to attempt some home styling and dahlia planting, and I’ll be preparing my outfit tomorrow so I can look as much as possible like an 8-year-old schoolboy. Watch out Little Jimmie Krankie. Oh Christ, I just Googled that to check my spelling and my eye was caught by the sentence “If I am aroused by Little Jimmie Krankie does that mean I’m gay or straight?”