Guardian Girl


Most weeks in the Guardian newspaper’s Weekend magazine, someone amusingly writes in to complain that they could never wear the clothes in the fashion pages because their thighs meet in the middle, or they can’t find purple sprouting at their local Asda, as if every single recipe and style in the magazine were meant to be followed to the letter. So I decided to do just that – follow the Weekending lifestyle section of the magazine as closely as possible and see what happens. Will I simply become a more concentrated version of my already white, middle-class, media-professional, Dalston-dwelling life of cliché, or will an altogether more interesting result arise from the project – perhaps proving that even Hackney isn’t ready for shirts-as-turbans or that you can get purple sprouting at any time of night if you try hard enough. My efforts are accompanied by very low-fi photo documentation for the purposes of illustration only.

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