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Catching flies

Posted in Uncategorized by guardiangirl on October 28, 2011

Have received quite a few compliments on today’s outfit. If you want to know why, don’t expect any clues from the below photo.

Old favourite

Old favourite

Least favourite

Least favourite

Next week I’d like to be wearing swathes of crispy autumn leaves crafted into red-carpet ballgowns, flashing pumpkin-head bikinis and chewing-gum balaclavas. I’d like to pose jumping into fountains, leaping off bridges into waterfalls and laughing into pensioners’ twinkling eyes on park benches. Bit of variety, none of this sitting around looking pretty lark, which is HARD.

I’m getting really tempted by returning to the whole hog again. Last night I put all the ingredients for Dan Lepard’s pasties into my supermarket basket, then returned them all to the shelves one by one, chiding myself for not being able to keep up this moderate, outfits-only approach for more than three days. Not sure how much longer I can hold off. It’s the autumnal recipes and the irresponsible spending and the all-consuming unexpectedness of it all – so damn inviting. Thing is, it invites you in, hands you a glass of sherry, compliments you on your hairdo and then whisks your coat off into the hallway and secretly wees all over it! It does, I seen it. So I don’t trust it opening that door no more.


  • While I was off I did actually buy Dan Lepard’s book and bake one of his cakes for my birthday. It was bloody amazing. I do miss all that. Thing is you think “well, I can still bake the odd Guardian recipe even without living the whole life.” But then unless you’ve got a blog resting on it, you just go home, eat lemon curd on toast and think you won’t be arsed after all.

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