Guardian Girl

That old nemesis again (no disrespect or anything)

Posted in Uncategorized by guardiangirl on July 26, 2011
All ages

All ages

All abilities

All abilities

This woman’s bone structure has now been haunting me for years. It might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I’d put some links in here but my lunchbreak is over so if you’re interested, click the ‘random post’ button on the right until you strike gold – there are very many photos of me attempting, and of course failing, to emulate her ex-ballerina glamour. Oh well, c’est la vie – I get to pick my nose and bite cheese straight off the block while standing at the fridge without it seeming out of character. Imagine if you caught her doing that! Her whole schtick would surely be ruined! Harrrrr, I clearly win this time, ole lady.

Incidentally my momentum for making cheese has definitely gone awry this week. If I wanted to faff about with hours of patience, muslin squares and thermometers, I’d just have a baby. Thanks for trying, Hugh, but you wasted your time and mine this week. You should think about it mate, you really should. Why you did it, how you’ll do better next time. Especially you should think about that rennet.

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