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Ten years, ten looks #7

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on October 23, 2009

Well this was a bit alarming. I think the model looks great but I was under no illusion I’d be able to pull it off.

I’ve taken off the shades at my desk but other than that the whole thing is fairly office appropriate. I know some say you shouldn’t wear shorts at work but with thick tights, boots and a longish blazer I really can’t see the harm. I don’t exactly look racy. Not feeling too chirpy either after getting through considerable amounts of red wine and port in front of Question Time last night.

Kate's rock chic

Kate's rock chic


Kate's got sick
Kate’s got sick

Grand conclusions of the week:

  • How nice it’s been to have a week off, free to dine out and about with friends and family.
  • No great investments needed, no guilty money splashed on idle capitalism.
  • And no particularly ridiculous outfits. It’s been a fantastic birthday week, I saw all my most loved people, got some brilliant presents and entered the Decade of Success. I seem to have been on a rollover hangover most days but tomorrow my mum’s taking me on a birthday treat to a spa, so expect a refreshed, newly focused GG on Monday. (Do these words sound familiar?) Au revoir and have a great Weekend. x

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  1. MacPenge said, on October 25, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    For sure you look better than the original. Shorts at work – yes (on you, not me).

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