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Denim: let’s go to workwear #3

Posted in Uncategorized by guardiangirl on October 15, 2009

I forgot my scarf today so had to borrow Cari’s as an emergency prop, but what a good job it does. As always the model’s clothes are cut much more finely than mine and the whole thing works much better on her proportions. This outfit might not be too flattering but at least it’s comfy. No grand complaints.

Look liek you're ready for anything

Look like you're ready for anything


Look liek you're ready for bed

Look like you're ready for bed


  • If I’d bought that Gap crombie I was supposed to get this week I’d really look the part today – but I don’t regret a single minute of that decision.
  • No recipe from last night as  I went for delicious Viet food. Back on the horse tonight and tomorrow.
  • And talking of those much-overrated creatures, I’ve officially ruled riding lessons out this week on the basis that I can’t afford to spend £50 trotting around London on a snorting beast attached to a bit of rope for an hour. And the hats don’t suit me anyway. And no one would want to go with me. And I don’t like doing group activities with strangers. So that’s one failure for the week.
  • Another failure: checked out Alexander Wang clothes on Net-a-Porter. No way I can afford any of this lot either. The Guardian is promoting a ridiculously expensive lifestyle this week. Perish the thought of how extortionate it might be to become Telegraph Girl.  Perhaps one day we’ll find out.

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