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Thai red lentil soup

Posted in Recipes, Uncategorized by guardiangirl on October 1, 2009

This soup was 100% delicious. It didn’t take that long to make, tasted of a million wonderful flavours, didn’t explode all over the kitchen. I managed to find all the ingredients except the deep-fried shallots, and I’d already psychologically prepared myself for that eventuality. It also tasted delicious reheated for breakfast – yes, breakfast – this morning. I’m having it for lunch too, then I’m showering in it later and falling asleep in a tub of it. Tomorrow I’m wearing it instead of clothes.

I thought that might be one of those jokes where it becomes funny if you push it further, but it turns out it was one of the ones that isn’t funny.


Thai red lentil soup

Thai red lentil soup

MY red lentil soup (it's not Terry's)

MY red lentil soup (it's not Terry's)

I think I gotta get 9/10 for food styling today even though the rear bowl of soup is all splattered in a most distasteful way and my photography’s still at 0/10.



  • This soup is worth making.
  • Go to the ‘foreignerz’ aisle of the supermarket and get your coconut milk there – it costs a third of the price of the tins in the ‘white people cooking thai for friends this evening’ aisle.
  • While the lentils are boiling, watch the Dallas ‘Red File’ two-parter. Oh my Christ, this was the best telly I’ve ever seen! I’m still indebted to the Guardian for teaching me about Dallas box-sets. I watch an episode most evenings. I now refuse to embark on any romantic relations unless they promise to be just like Bobby n Pamela’s. I love Pamela. I shout at the screen and shake my fists at JR, and sometimes after an especially great episode I say to my cat: “Cripes, George, what a corker, eh?” , Wallace and Gromit style.  I love Miss Ellie and Jock, that old tyke! I think about them all when I’m not watching. I even kinda like Lucy these days, and Cliff’s all right too. It makes me wonder what other TV programmes might secretly be good. And how I’m going to survive when I get to the end of the first boxset.

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