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Sunday 9 August

Posted in Uncategorized by guardiangirl on August 10, 2009

An unsuccessful day in terms of staying true to the Guardian lifestyle.

I got the outfit pretty close:

Welcome to the dark side

Welcome to the dark side

Welcome to Moss Side

Welcome to Moss Side


But when it came to cooking the evening meal, I was so reluctant to spend 12 hours baking fruit leather (how much effort for how little reward?) that I went to the pub with my pals instead. In my defence I did buy the ingredients for the fruit leather, it’s just that when we all got back to my flat I felt so sad about the prospect of actually doing it, and the jam cocktail thing was sitting there from yesterday ready to be drunk, and we put some music on and it was fun, and you just shouldn’t stop having fun with your friends in order to make healthy, fruity snacks. You should take your fun to the pub.

Earlier that day Adam and I had trawled Kingsland Shopping Centre looking for high-heeled climbing boots, but surprisingly enough there were none. Looks like they haven’t made it to the budget shops yet. I don’t think this proves anything, but it does suggest that if you have lots of money to splash around you have the luxury of being more fashionable (or quicker to conform, as Adam said).


  • The world of not-so-rich people is not yet ready for heels on its climbing boots.
  • Baking fruit leather of a Sunday evening is just taking things too far.
  • I now have lots of unleathered fresh fruit to make use of.

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  1. Adam said, on August 10, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Woohoo! I feel famous. Why is it that our weekend seems ten-fold more valid for being in print?

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