Guardian Girl

Friday 7 August

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on August 7, 2009

The usual end-of-week brevity is upon us, as Friday nights are for going out and having fun, so just an outfit for me to copy today.

I found it especially hard to do today’s pose and couldn’t work out why for a while. Then my photographing friend Claire and I realised it was because the model has such a swan neck, and I with my mallard scruff couldn’t even stand in that position.

The outfit was simple enough to get close to – grey dress, isn’t it.

I tried to get my hair into that cool twisty quiff using curling tongs this morning but failed dismally and had to straighten it back, making me half an hour late for work again. I suppose to be truthful twenty minutes of that was accounted for by me being in bed.





  • You’d need a fair bit of fringe length to get that quiff going on.

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