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Friday 31 July

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on July 31, 2009

Tonight the harem pants will make their second appearance when I’ll be dancing about in trainers and a muscle vest, which I’ve decided is a good idea although I’m not sure why and suspect it may be a thought planted by the ghost of Jason Orange past. I didn’t fancy doing the stomp of shame through the office again today so I substituted them with jeans for day (I think this is this what fashion people say. ‘For day’ and ‘for evening’) .

I’m wrapping up the week here. No recipe tonight cos I just went out for bruschetta followed by calzone to fill me up for later – you can never have too many elliptical baked dough products in one meal, particularly on a Friday and especially when you’re going out later.

Here’s the photographic evidence – of the outfit, not the food. Note yesterday’s jacket making a proper appearance.

More grey

Ahoy there!



  • I’m getting into the plaited hair and have banned myself from the snooze button so as to improve my hairstyling skills. It’s good to get hairdo ideas from magazines, I think. It seems less sad than copying clothes.

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  1. M said, on July 31, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    “espescially when you’re going out later”

    yes! or you can always send amanda off to gather a carb-heavy meal in plastic!

    so sad i missed harem pants day. this latest photo of you is so saccharine. loves it!

    xo M

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