Guardian Girl

Get a holiday wardrobe that’s packed with style #3

Posted in Fashion by guardiangirl on July 21, 2009

This one looks like it’d be well easy to replicate but I had a few problems finding a very similar shirt and my pale blue jeans were soaked through as I conducted this stage of the experiment at a festival in the rain. I’d like to see more men in cropped shirts I think. Wait, what am I saying? No I wouldn’t.








  • If there’s anything more potentially troubling than trying to replicate women’s fashion, it’s trying to replicate men’s fashion. At least with womenswear you can accessorise and do your hair differently if you want to get a certain angle. Men have to really pay attention to the finer details/print/colour/cut of their clothes if they really want to ‘get a holiday wardrobe that’s packed with style’ – possibly even grow an entire beard, whereas women just have to go down Primark, get the latest ‘it’ garment and move their ponytail down an inch

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